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So sorry for the ones that has had a bad time with SkyLink Antenna. But, I want to thank you all who has taken the time out of your bad situation to put a review of your experience, so others will not have the same experience that you are going through.

I am elderly that lives on a fixed income and this would of surely hurt me in the long run.

I always get on line to see if there are any kind reviews on a product.

In 2000 when I could work, I was scammed BIG TIME and learned my lesson there, but got no satisfaction of seeing that scamming business brought down.

Make sure everyone to, Research, Research, Research on ANY thing, because as it is said, 'If it sounds to be good to be true, it probably is", and that saying, you CAN, take to the bank!!!!

I hope you all that has been scammed in anyway get what is deserved back to you.

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Add my name to the list as being unsatisfied with the antenna .I live 60 miles from Detroit Mi. .It will not work even when tried outside with the amplifier , no picture what so ever .I bought 3 of them with one amplifier .We are in our 70,s and cannot afford to throw money away .Has anyone found a contact phone number for sky link ?I e-mailed them 2 weeks ago with no reply .


Living on a FIXED income Regulated By Government,We The People,Living In The DIVIDED States Of AMERICA,Are Tired Of Being RIPPED OFF !!! Give PISSED OFF ALL YOUR FEEDBACK .Our Own Government Is Doing This To Us All !!!

Cable TV Was Supposed To Be Commercial Free That's Why We Paid For In THE Beginning NOW.

It's All Commercials And We Pay More Than EVER to Watch What Was GIVEN TO THE consumer For Free! With A TV Antenna.

to Gerry Gnaster #1517054

What consumers got for free was 3 channels plus PBS.

to Gerry Gnaster #1521152

what the *** does the governement have to do with your purchase ! if you dont like it send it back get your money back and move on!!!

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