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Yes it is a scam!!! Even though I have not bought this product, it is about as bad as all the simple ads or commercials that come on late at night that sell products for $19.95 or higher like this scam Skylink TV Antenna Corporation.

This product used to be a commercial a while back ago. And the people that they used to try it out were people that worked for the company or a paid actor. The problem is with us. We do not read consumer reviews about the product before we buy.

Then when it does come up a scam or the company is *** in responding to us we complain in customer reviews on how we paid for a *** product. I did the same thing with Harry Shaving company. Its a poor company that says their product uses fine German steel and will give you a better shave than Gillette Shaving Company for a better cost and I bought into it. Well was I so wrong!!!

I could of gotten a better, smoother shave by jumping of a motorcycle and sliding across pavement with my face!!! I asked for my money back and they told me I was shaving wrong and to try doing it their way even though I have been shaving for 30 yrs with the same brand my dad has been shaving with when he first shaved with them. Yes it is pricey but they stand by their product. But Harry's Shaving Corp.

is just like Skylink TV Antenna's. They feed us the same bull crap that we are doing it wrong or try another room. And we all know we know how to put in a antenna on a TV especially if we are older than 40 yrs old. And those antennas back in the days (those ugly ones that our dads put up on the roof's and hear them cuss out a storm or the rabbit ears) were a 100 times better than Skylink's TV Antennas.

We as consumers need to read the pros and the cons and waive out the differences!!! And I learned the hard way myself with Harry's Shaving Company. So since then I have been reading consumers reviews before I buy. And Yes this company is a joke and a scam by what I have read in here and other sites.

Please if you are reading this do not buy their product And you will see why if you keep reading these reviews. And if you did buy and bought with a credit card or with Pay pal call them or email them for your money back That is the only way its going to work. Trying to get it back from them is like talking to a rock or wall.

A one way conversation. Bullshit

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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I just called PayPal who told me they cannot cancel the order (even though i tried to cancel within 30 minutes of placing it) - that i have to contact Skylink for cancellation - and of course Skylink has no phone number...I am mad at myself for not reading reviews first - trusted the Martha Stewart email that this was advertised on.

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