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I ordered 2 of the Skylink antennas and installed per directions. When I did a channel search, I did not receive even 1 channel.

I tried a different room. Still no luck. I e-mailed Skylink and they said I was doing it wrong and to try a certain method. That was the exact method I tried, but I did try it again.

STill no luck. So I asked to send them back and get a refund. They quit answering me. Since I had used PayPal to buy them, I contacted PayPal with my complaint.

Soon after that I heard back from Skylink. TRy one more time. I did and nothing happened, again. I told them I wanted my money back.

This time they said the antennas must have been defective and they would refund my money to PayPal, which they did. They didn't even ask for the antennas back.

At least I got my money back. But you can tell it is a scam.

Product or Service Mentioned: Skylink Tv Antenna Antenna.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

Preferred solution: Quit selling fake antennas!.

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Have listened to what has been said and have not brought. Many hanks all you have saved me my money.


Many thanks saved my money


I also bought two, one for myself and one for my son, Neither of them work


skylink antenna had similar results got only nine stations even ran the antenna to the attic . what a piece of junk it is cheaply made and so is the amplifier my case split into two .

paypal is looking at my case now . advise not too buy is too expensive for what you get.


Besides the guy stating the antennas simply do not work when those antennas 1st hit the market they were selling for $10 and now they have quadrupled in price, people need to stop falling for such obvious scams.


I got nothing but fuzz. They have refused to refund my money. It is a scam.


I have just ordered 1 aswell so if its a scam why isit still advertised and how do I get my cash back ifit is crap


I also fell for these deceptive ads. 800+ channels!?

Yeah right... I got one channel and it was going in and out. What garbage.

You can buy cheaper (and stronger) ones on eBay for around $20. https://www.ebay.com/itm/152663974833 Don't waste your money!


I too bought these antennas and like this person they did not work. Not even one channel.

The communications with the company went EXACTLY as it did with this person.

I was lucky though and my bank went to bat for me and returned my money. I reported them to the BBB in their state and they too went to bat for me.


This is a big rip off, did not work at all. Called them 4 times then they said send it back and we will refund your money I did and they signed for it.

Five calls and about 10 e-mails and I still don't have my money back... They should be shut down.

Going to the BBB, and Anthony General's office today. DO NOT ORDER THIS PRODUCT!!!!!!!!!!!!


I had the same experience. they will not refund your money under any circumstances.

I will report this to the BBB. They are a scam in my opinion.


I bought one of these antenna and had the same problems as you did only when I asked to return it they told me no money back...no returns... I don’t get it all over their website and ads it says 100% customer satisfaction...not true at all


I did the same thing. So hopefully paypal gives me my money back.

Its all bs I might have got 2 channels. Thats it. I already have an antenna that at least gets 5 or 6 channels.

When I read about skylink, I was thinking I would get more channels than the antenna I have. Thats bs


Thanks everyone, I too thought that this was a scam that's why I googled it, yup I'm just going to go to my local Wal-Mart or target where I know I can return it with a simple receipt if need be.


Thanks for all the comments here. I was just about to place a order after seeing an adv.


I also bought one of the skylink antennas and found they are used in Europe and they do not work in the United States...I also asked for my money back and asking where to send it and of course no reply or even talking to a human...They are a scam and hopefully someone can put a stop to their activities....


I have the same problem only they haven't refunded my money. They don't care about customer satisfaction or quality product.

It's all about scamming your money. JUNK!


Thank you so much for this information, and to all of the others who gave a review. I was about to order some of these antennas as I have 2 properties.

Thank you for saving me a lot of money and grief. I will buy locally where you can walk into the store and speak to them personally, and where they care about their reputation. Where is the government agency for FALSE ADVERTISING?

Why are they not routing these people out? Again thank you


thanks for the warning


we have cut the cord with Spectrum because every bill went up. I was surfing, found this ad for Skylink.

I then opened up a 2nd window and read a few sights and knew then not to buy. That you for posting ur trouble.

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