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We also purchased three of these antenna and after my purchase of these, it brought up another product of an amplifier gadget to expand the signal range additionally. We purchased 2 of those.

We had been using an indoor antenna already on our TVs. My husband hooked it up when he got home. Did it add channels? Our usual list gives us 21 channels and the list with this antenna showed 31!

These 31 were not 'watchable' channels. Any sliver of static or frozen pixel must have been identified as a 'channel'. In addition to that, channels that we had always been able to watch disappeared. After scrolling to the 30-ish range, the channels would be set at '0' and I would have to shut the TV down and re-start it and re-program channels only to the same results.

I contacted the company within 24 hours to inquire as to how to return the product (only an email address for customer support is available). Reading the reviews, I know what to anticipate as far as the 'support' goes. Worthless junk and paid over $150. Please do not fall in to the misleading advertisement.

(My husband is the one who had heard its boasts on a radio commercial).

We, too, are seniors and on a fixed budget, having had our cable cut due to the unending price hikes and gouges. Shame on this company for taking advantage of people in this way.

I hope there is a class action suit we can become a party to against them. In the meantime, I wish them all karma they deserve.

Product or Service Mentioned: Skylink Tv Antenna Antenna.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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Ordered this Antenna and set up for my parents. I was only able to bring in 2 channels.

I tried on all 3 of there TVs and the result was the same, when I contacted Evelyn they would not accept a return. Also noticed that the unit I received was not stamped with there LOGO.


I can’t believe people are gullible to believe in this.If you are going to receive signals OTA, you will get the digital channels that are broadcast.If your TV is newish then it has a digital Decoder built in and one needs an antennae to receive itWhat channels will one get? Go to TVfools.Com and enter your address, it will give you a list of channels based on your antennae height.

You get HDTV on the TV. Antennas go for 30$ with a booster to 150$ for a roof mount.Positioning of the antennae is important to pick up the signalI hope it helps those theyinf to use OTA

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